Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun Facts on Popular Disney Movies

Aladdin Fun Facts
aladdin- Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid) has a cameo. After Aladdin asks Genie if he can make him a prince, Genie starts reading a book called Royal Recipes. After Genie says "Alaskan King Crab," he pulls his finger out of the book with Sebastien on the end
-When Sultan is playing with his toys, his stacking animal shaped figures. Beast is in the pile of figures. If you stop the video right when it first shows the pile of toys, Beast is towards the top of the stack.  
-The most successful film of 1992, earning over $217 million at the US box office and over $504 million worldwide. 
-The genie appears in the following guises: - a nightclub entertainer - a Scotsman - a Scottish terrier - Arnold Schwarzenegger - Ed Sullivan - a slot machine - Groucho Marx - a boxing trainer - a fireworks rocket - a French maĆ®tre d' - a roast turkey - a pink rabbit - a dragon - a certificate - William F. Buckley - a pair of lips - Robert De Niro - a flight attendant - Carol Channing - a sheep - a hammock - a muscle man - PinocchioGaius Julius Caesar - Arsenio Hall - a tailor - a game-show host - a drum major - Walter Brennan - a little boy - a fat man - TV parade hosts - a tiger - a goat - a harem girl - Ethel Merman - Rodney Dangerfield - Jack Nicholson - a teacher - a talking lampshade - a bee - a submarine - a one-man band - a script prompter - a ventriloquist - a Fantasia (1940)-like devil - Jafar - cheerleaders - a baseball pitcher - a tourist with a Goofy hat - and the moon. - a zombie which strongly resembles Peter Lorre  (1940) - a magician - a Frenchman in a beret and striped shirt - a chef -
- In the original folktale, Aladdin is actually Chinese. 
-Pinocchio has a cameo. In the same scene, Aladdin tells the Genie that he will set him free. The Genie sarcastically says "Yeah, right," and he turns into Pinocchio. Pinocchio's nose grows, Aladdin pushes it back in, and Genie returns. 

The Lion King Fun Facts
-One of the bugs that Timon pulls out of a knothole during Hakuna Matata is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. 
-The line, "What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?" was improvised by Nathan Lane
-There have been rumors that when Simba collapses on the cliff after talking with Timon and Pumbaa about stars, the dust that flies off the cliff forms the letters SEX. In fact it forms the letters SFX, the abbreviation of the special-effects team that worked on that portion of the film. 
-The first Disney cartoon to be dubbed into Zulu for its African release.
- Disney's 32nd animated feature. 
-The best selling home video of all time, with more than 55 million copies sold to date.  
-Pumbaa the Warthog was the first character in Disney films to exhibit flatulence. 
-When Mufasa tells Simba about the Great Kings of the Past if you look at the stars in the wide shot you can see Mickey Mouse. 
-Unlike the other lions, Scar's claws are always displayed throughout the movie. 
-The Lion King opened on Broadway in 1997. The musical garnered 6 Tony Awards including Best Musical, and is produced by Disney Theatrical. 
-The highest grossing movie of 1994 worldwide and the second highest in the US behind Forrest Gump (1994). 
-To date this movie still holds the record for being the highest grossing traditionally animated film in history. 
-One of three Disney movies to win a Golden Globe for Best Picture.
-When Simba calls the hyenas 'stupid', a very nervous Zazu mutters 'Ixnay on the Upid-stay'. This is Pig Latin, roughly translated it means 'Don't say stupid'.
The Little Mermaid Fun Facts
The Little Mermaid Poster-In the opening scene when King Triton arrives at the arena, you can briefly see Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Kermit the Frog in the crowd of sea-people as mermen when he passes over them. 
-Sebastian the Crab's full name is Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustatious Sebastian. 
-Ariel's sisters names are Aquatta, Andrina, Arista, Adella, Alana and Attina. 
IMP Awards > 1989 Movie Poster Gallery > The Little Mermaid
-Deleted scenes: An extended "Fathoms Below" sequence in which it is revealed that Ursula is Triton's sister; alternate version of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" explaining why Ursula was banished by Triton; a scene just before the concert in which Sebastian finds out Ariel is missing; extended scene of Sebastian lost in Eric's castle; Sebastian giving additional advice to Ariel at bedtime; and the fight with Ursula to the ending with no dialog. 
-HIDDEN MICKEY: in the scroll that Ursula gets Ariel to sign. It is in the middle of the words when it pans over the scroll from top to bottom
-Hidden Mickey: In the scene where the animals are trying to break up the wedding, right as the seals are jumping onto the deck of the boat from the ocean, there is a woman with black hair in a red gown with her back to the camera. She shape of her hair clearly outlines a Mickey head until she turns sideways. 
pict from hiddenmickeys.org-Movie was adapted as a Broadway musical in 2007. 

Toy Story Fun Facts
Toy Story- Whenever a character's eyes blink, they never blink together, but one at a time. 
-[June 2008] Ranked #6 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Animation". 
- All of the cars in Toy Story have license plate stickers that are dated November 95 - the same date the movie was released. 
-This is the only Pixar film to have full opening credits. 
-The toolbox on top of the milk crate that Woody is trapped in is a Binford, the same type of tool that Tim Allen used on his television show "Home Improvement" (1991). 
-This was the first animated film in Oscar history to be nominated for a Best Screenplay Academy Award - Adapted or Origin

Tarzan Fun Facts 
- Tarzan has been adapted from its book many times over the years and is second only to Dracula in the adaptation chart.
-To see how Tarzan's body would move while sliding down a log, the animators based his movement on that of pro skateboarder Tony Hawk while on his skateboard.
- The 48th Tarzan movie.
-The first Tarzan movie to have a one-word title. 

Toy Story 2 Fun Facts
-During the opening credits, the Pixar trademark lamp can be seen in the stars in the upper right side of the screen. 
-When the toys are planning the rescue of Woody, Etch-a-Sketch shows a map to Al's Toy Barn located at 1001 West Cutting Boulevard. This is the address of Pixar Animation Studios in Richmond, California. 
-This was the first sequel for Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.
-When the toys are playing cards during Woody's nightmare after being "shelved," all the cards are the ace of spades. In fortune telling, the ace of spades represents death. 
-This is one of three Disney movies to win a Golden Globe for Best Picture. 
-When Ham is flipping though the channels looking for the Al's Toy Barn commercial. All the other "stations" are clips from Disney shorts. 



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